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Our mission is to reshape the way to live in a world around our generation. First tier cities’ house prices rocket year by year globally. Long working hours, high transportation costs, bad landlords, all of that making it tough to adapt real estate to our latest needs.

We are a young prop tech company, with a young team, a start-up mentality, aiming to provide affordable yet conveniently located and secured co-living spaces to our tenants.

Our brand aims to offer innovative and digitalized housing in the most central locations, providing a solution for the changing needs of young, flexible people and creates a long-lasting value to our society.

Owl Square Vision / Corporate Vision

In cooperation with us, the development of new housing projects adopts more efficient layout and planning of cohabitation to offset the lack of cheap living space and promote community building. Improvements in efficiency and layout can reduce construction costs and increase potential production.


By signing a long-term lease with us to become a partner of Owl Square, from the very first day, you will have a stable source of income, making the property more attractive to investors.

For our tenants, due to the optimization of layout and density, we can reduce the rent far below market standards.

Therefore, we have created additional value for both owners and tenants.

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To Motivate Others with Our Passion in Our Work

The goal of Owl Square is expanding rapidly within a few years. It will be possible to develop thousands of projects within a few years. The goal is to be at the front end of the industry. But this is not enough. We continue to roll up our sleeves and jointly provide the best home solutions in the world.

Join us as members of the Owl Square team who dare to innovate and face challenges.

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