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Owl Square won "Extraordinary Branding Awards" from JCI, and invited to the sharing event

Owl Square Co-living have been trying every endavour to change the current living envirnoment in the market, from innovation, high-technology method, in oreder to provide convenient, safe, high-tech, Serviced Studio, with reasonable price. Beside, creating additional rental vlaue for landlord.Recently, Owl Square have won some awards from different association, inclusively "Extraordinary Branding Awards" from JCI, and was invited to the "CEOs' sharing" event, sharing the ups and downs throughout these years.

Owl Square Chief Designer, and Operation Director Mr Yeung said, " It's our great honour to be affirmed from associations, which can truly encorage our team to work even harder.
We have been providing excellent quality of living experience and services. At the same time, we are also finding different opportunities to expand our business, for the sake of creating value for the society. During the pandemic, we using detailed data analysis methodology, changing the marketing strategy and pricing properly, to keep our competitiveness. Targeting the local people, and good operating competence to maintain high occupancncy rate.

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