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Owl Square News

【Hassle-free living experience】
?Hassle-free living experience✨   We provide point-to-point laundry service, which OWLs could ...
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【Reshape the way you live】
?"Reshape the way you live"✨ Reshape the way people's live and provide a better environment and com...
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【Control everything with a tiny cell phone】
[Control everything with a tiny cell phone] Door-opening, payment, checking bills, customer service...
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【?Mid-Autumn Festival. Fam time Good Time.?】
【?Mid-Autumn Festival. Fam time Good Time.?】As the busy September passes,? take this chance to have ...
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【?️Brand New apartments in Central Launched! One Step away from Mid-Levels Escalator ?️】
Convenient location, Spacious,Helpful services for you. Owl Square Unit are fully furnished, all bil...
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Working from home
Working from home means more time sitting on sofa, answering emails in the sunshine, and easy access...
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【☀️ Owl Square Little Happiness Chapter ☀️】
【☀️ Owl Square Little Happiness Chapter ☀️】? Little Happiness - Tiny and sure happiness ? ? This wor...
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【Inner Peace】
【Inner Peace】Reshape the way you living : is our mission and vision, providing a comfortable living ...
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【Owl Square 認真 用心】
我們認真用心對待付每件事,不論大大小小事,我們致力為你服務。 我們著重每位OWLs的體驗 , 除了享受我們一站式的配套及便利,還能感受到我們對OWLs的熱情。希望把事情做到最好!...
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